Apple Watch 2 Is Reportedly Announced This Fall, Some Time In September/October 2016

Apple’s supply chain expects the company will unveil the second-generation Apple Watch sometime in September or October. According to a new report from DigiTimes citing in a wider piece on weakening demand for tablets and wearables. If that’s the case, then it could be only a guess on Apple planning to announce a refreshed Apple Watch out of the door. With that conservatism suggesting that the new wearable will not benefit from the same introduction that its predecessor did earlier.

Announced in September 2014 and released in April of last year, the Apple watch was very much hottest ticket in town. This year, the Mac maker will be holding the date of Sept. 16 to officially launch its next-generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Component makers and Apple suppliers are said to be seeing “rather conservative orders” for the new Apple Watch despite its upcoming release date, which the information directly conflicts with a June report that pointed towards “higher-than-expected” orders. Sold explosively via Apple’s online store due to the sheer demand placed on the supply of Apple’s first wearable. Furthermore, the Apple Watch immensely took months to become fully available for those who wanted it.

Nowadays, anyone can easily walk through an Apple Store and buy an Apple watch. That hasn’t always been the massive case. Sales since then have slowed dramatically, with early adopters having already bought their devices wrist-on. A revamped Apple Watch may help rekindle interest in the platform, but it would be wrong to expect a similar level of interest this time around as last year.

Question here is why orders for the Watch and its components amongst Apple’s supply chain have been a little on the modest side, at least as per the DigiTimes‘ sources. However, the information does not offer a clear picture of the demand Apple expects to see for the device.

Rumors although suggesting that the second-generation Apple Watch will see under-the-hood spec improvements and perhaps some minor form factor tweaks, but major changes to the device are not that much expected to be unveiled this year. One thing that could make the Apple Watch more impressive and attractive to potential buyers this time around would be a redesigned chassis, allowing for improved battery life and a smaller, lighter shell.

A faster processor, and built-in cellular capabilities are all some features we could see in Apple Watch 2.


(Source: DigiTimes)

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