Apple Watch 2 Launch Date Is Given For Quarter 2 Next Year

No decline about Apple would be planning to introduce the successor to the first-gen Apple Watch in the quarter 2 of 2016. Release date for the Apple Watch 2 has been speculated, and if does show its face on the said timeline, then what is its getting with it is in question. For more details you will need to read the rumored report below.

The Apple Watch 2 launch date could be done in the next year around the second or third quarter, according to Chinese media source, UDN. Report cites comments made during a meeting with Barry Lam, Chairman and founder of Quanta Computer, an Apple Watch manufacturer. A Q3 release of Apple Watch 2 is settled, then it could mean a launch two years after the first smartwatch model was introduced and roughly a year and a half since it went on sale.

It is also said the second-generation Apple Watch will also be made by Quanta, as the current model was built by. Unfortunately, there were no details gone live on what actually the Watch 2 will feature and it will be equipped with. Nevertheless, the report does mention initial shipments in small volume during the second quarter, apparently in June. Although that could amount to production ramping up ahead of a fall iteration which is ordinarily what occurs before major product launches.

Remind you that Apple Watch was first made its introduction in September 2014, then previewing it again in March 2015 before starting sales in late April. Smartwatch was released with watchOS 2 software update adding new inclusions, and also available in new color options and came in Apple Watch Sports, and Watch Edition variants, alongside Sports bands and Classic Buckle leather bands, partnership with Hermes.

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Current Apple Watch wearables rely heavily on connected iPhones for most functionality including the initial setup process and managing a lot of the experience. It looks like the next-generation Apple Watch 2016 will be coming with Bluetooth enhancements next year, and could include best range of increased speed transfer, is likely to benefit future Apple Watch 2.

If any further information regarding Apple Watch 2 surface, we’ll let you know here at our Technology Blog through updates. For some of other Best Wrist Wearables, you can have a look here.

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