Apple Watch Have A Hidden Diagnostic Port, Confirmed By Customers

Apple has sent out that only be referred to as a courtesy email to select Apple Watch customers who had ordered the wearable, and by reassuring customers that their pre-orders are being processed, and the email speaks, once it has shipped out, they will be notified about it. Early Apple Watch models shipping to customers unwrapped a hidden port used to allow Apple engineers to diagnose problems with the wrist-bound device. About the Apple Watch’s hidden diagnostic port, reports at the time were unsure if the feature would be included in models shipping out to customers. Apple Watches has already hit the Australia shores, giving us the first glimpse to further investigate the diagnostic port. Details can be checked right after this jump.

According to MacRumors, a reader of its website has received his Space Gray Apple Watch Sport and has taken pictures of the casing, giving MR a look at what appears to be the diagnostic port hidden underneath a cover. Apparently, it looks like a SIM card slot on an iPhone 6, and it appears that it might open in similar way, giving Apple employees a way to run diagnostics on the Apple Watch when it’s brought into services.

A report also suggests that this diagnostic port on Apple Watch could potentially be used for smart band accessories in the future, but it’s unclear if such is what Apple is planning on introducing.

Notably, the same covered diagnostic port was also resent on retail Apple Watches provided to media sites for Apple smartwatch reviews earlier this month. At Apple Stores, gone live shows devices on display have the similar ports, but uncovered, presumably to make it easier for employees to continually monitor and adjust settings on the devices.


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