Apple Watch Series 4 Features: All-New Design 15% Larger Display, Longer Battery Life, More [Reports]

Apple’s official Chicago-based education-focused event has been done, meaning that it’s time to focus on something else. Reportedly on WWDC 2018?

Now that the speculation cycle pertaining to next Apple Watch design. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities tipping at what new Apple Watch Series are coming later this year featuring a total redesign.

Kicking off, as many have been focusing on, and of course, talking about new models of iPhone and iPad plans, it’s evident that KGI has been keeping a laser-focus on all Apple products and potential roadmap items, including the potential of new Apple Watch models coming in this fall.

Apparently, the analyst of KGI Securities do believe that Apple’s new Apple Watch – potentially called Series 4 – will come with an overhauled aesthetic, improved health information monitoring, longer battery life, and obviously, a larger display that can offer apps and visual services approximately 15% more screen real estate.

Apple’s wrist wearable has almost managed to collect its fair share of fans over the years with expensive, accumulative sales making it one of the most popular smartwatches on the market and even one of the most popular wristwatches in the world. However, it’s fair to suggest that a redesign for the next-gen Apple Watch on the cards considering all models released so far since 2015 have had the same physical design.

As part of the Apple Watch’s redesign in 2018, Kuo believes that consumers will have access to approximately 15% more screen real estate, but it’s currently unknown how Apple will achieve the target and whether or not the overall size of the watch will grow in size to match the larger display.

Nevertheless, it’s possible that Apple could come up with some product design magic and infuse it with advanced engineering techniques to reduce the bezels on the display in order to achieve the display gains. Other information on the redesign and improvements, however, are slightly vague at this moment.

We can only imagine that improvements to the health-related monitoring aspect of the hardware will come through the integration of better or more fluent sensors, but again, like other aspects of this report, detailed information is not currently forthcoming.

In terms of its popularity and the future sales of Apple Watch, the KGI is predicting 2018 sales of around the 22 million units mark, which otherwise, represents a return of approximately 30% year-on-year since Apple Watch was released to the public.

Note: You will find a clone to Apple Watch here, which actually promises up to 45-days battery life. And also, you can choose your desired bands for your Apple Watch – right from the collection Apple announced a few days ago.

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