Apple Watch Series 4 Leaked Gesture Revealed Massive Display, Dense Watch Face, More

As we already received a glimpse on iPhone XS details, we are today going to share something about the exclusive first look at the new Apple Watch. This year’s wrist-worn gadget from Apple to call it Apple Watch Series 4, and we believe it will be announced at its special ‘Gather Round‘ 2018 iPhones keynote event.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is going to take the wearable mainstream

Highlights: Apple Watch Series 4 Is Here To Check Out

If this news becomes true and accurate, then we all are going to witness the launch of the refreshed Apple Watch. Where the biggest change is the all-new design, edge-to-edge display, which Apple has been rumored to be working on 15% bigger displays for both sizes of the new Apple Watch. So that rumor has now been confirmed in the leaked images we’ve discovered. Not exactly by us, rather 9to5Mac.

As expected, Apple seems to have been achieved this by dramatically reducing the bezel size around the watch display. In addition to the edge-to-edge display, we’re also looking forward at a brand new watch face capable of showing way more information than the current faces offered.

While the analog watch face of the leaked Apple Watch 4 shows a total of eight complications around the time and within the clock hands. Thus, we haven’t yet seen a new digital face though, but it’s likely that Apple has designed more new watch faces to take advantage of the larger display.

Apple Watch Series 4 Tops Apple Watch 3 Face

Also seen in the image above, is a new hole between the side button and Digital Crown, likely an additional microphone, and compatibility with what appears to be current watch brands. Both the Crown and side button appear modified from the current Apple watch models as well.

Again saying, for another look at it and to learn more about what will likely be called the Apple Watch Series 4, can be had on September 12 when Apple and its executive team wraps off its new hardware lineup. Stay tuned for much more updated news.

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