Apple Finally Paying 0.2 Cents For Each Song Streamed Free During Apple Music Trail Period

It’s official now, as the Cupertino giant has made its decision by paying artist royalties during the trail streaming period after Taylor Swift critisism. Announced by the Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services, that it will pay record labels 0.2 cents for each song that customers stream for free during the three-month Apple Music free trial. Similar to what Spotify pays out for songs accessed through its free streaming music tier and does not include a smaller payment made to music publishers for songwriting rights. Details on Apple’s royalty payments of songs on Apple Music can be grabbed right after this jump.

Apple although has been working to complete deals with publishers, but on the second hand report from Billboard, suggests the company may pay out an additional 0.047 cents per stream for song rights, for a total payment of 0.247 cents approximately for each song streamed and an Apple Music user listens to. Great!

However, Apple has not made any clarification regarding paying any intials to the pay labels and publishers during the free three-month trail period, it’s providing to customers, it reversed course after both a strongly worned letter from Taylor Swift and negotiation difficulties with independent labels who balked at the terms.

Obviously, the money which Apple is gonna pay per stream during the trail period is of course significantly less than what rights holders will receive after Apple Music has paying customers, but it appears to have satisfied many indie labels. Now that Apple has also signed deals with both Beggars Group and Merlin Network, companies that represent more than 20,000 indie labels and distributers.


Anything can happen, because its Apple which aims at focusing on its new streaming music service, the Apple Music will officially launch next Thursday in over 100 countries worldwide. All customers will indeed receive a free three-months trail, after which the subscription will be required to access the service. Costs $9.99 and for a whole family at $14.99 per month for a family of up to 6 members in the U.S.. Subscription prices vary by country. Happy music listners!


Reports The New York Times

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