Apple Might Be Working On VR Headset For iPhone [Apparent]

Is Apple going after Samsung’s Gear VR headset? Although, Apple is all the way head-to-head with Google on smartwatches race and today, with this new report surface, suggesting that the Cupertino company is apparently working on a VR Headset for its iPhone. One of the recently approved patent applications may just give us a sneak peek at the virtual reality technology, which Apple is evidently working on. More details on the development can be found after this fold.

Apple has however been awarded a patent by the USPTO for a head-mounted virtual reality set that uses an iPhone as the display and all the way computing component. Patent, that describes something similar to what the Google Cardboard and Samasung’s Gear VR got, but with an insert built particularly to accommodate an iPhone, that too with an optical remote that could be used to control the VR experience without having to deal with headset- or phone-based inputs.

Patents on the other hand has historically been a pretty bad way of working out what Apple is going to do next. The Cupertino firm always files more patent applications than most of us could ever read about, and the vast majority of them never turn into anything other than good reading.

The one in those Apple has over 40 applications approved is grabbing the most attention though is that also closely resembles virual reality hardware that both the Google anD samsung already make, I mean made. Samsung’s Oculus style VR headset – the very smae one which plays fairly with the Galaxy Note 4 – or even Google’s infamous Cardboard, now the one of Apple’s new patents in particular is based on that portfilio.

The Apple’s patent still works in a very similar manner, however, and includes provisions for using the iPhone screen as the display for the VR as well as designs which would include docking electronics in the virtual reality headset that could eventually dictate a mode shift on the iPhone to switch to VR content display.

The aforementioned iOS device would then act as the screen while also lending its camera and other features as the main workings behind the whole thing. Described, Apple stipulates different accessories and hardware features that could be built into its headset, including spare batteries for more power, physical control inputs including buttons, switches and touch-enabled surfaces, a cooling system and even additional on-board memory for media storage.

The patent indicates that Apple has considered VR and how it relates to its mobile devices. After all, Apple does tend to surprise us with different things time-to-time. Apple Watch will be a good example for its pregression.


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