Largest Apple Store In Asia Opens Up For Public In China [Image]

Did you know where the Asia’s largest Apple Store is? Located in China, the store has finally been opened up for public, and is making news across the globe. Apple is evidently trying to make solid footprints in the Chinese market, and opened a number of retail locations in the region over the course of next few months. Dubbed the Westlake Apple Store, Apple’s sales and customer services points is now located in Hangzhuo, China. Tim Cook posted a picture of the newly opened store on his Twitter account. Showcasing the epitome of consumer excitement that the photo depicts.

The flagship Apple store has also been highlighted on Apple’s Chinese website under the retail section. Cook also said “Starting Something New in Hangzhou, China! #AppleStoreWestLake“. And it’s the biggest retail store from the Cupertino-based company in Asia.

With the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook also mentioned that Apple was looking forward to further penetrate the smartphones market in China. After both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched in China, the current market share of both the iPhones already broken previous sales records in the far eastern country. Currently, iPhones amount to an incredible 45% of China’s smartphone market share.

Given with this flagship store in the Chinese market is no surprise. Like all other Apple Stores, this huge one includes a Genius Bar, a dedicated floor for workshops, and much more with the design reflecting on the soon-to-open Apple Store in Union Square, San Fransisco, which bears a similar glass panel front.

Now with the launch of the Westlake Apple Store, the markets adds a solid 20 official retail outlets throughout China. Five more stores however will open up by late February. The Apple CEO also confirmed that it has already has intentions of opening up a further 20 Apple Stores in the next two years.

Analysts: Although it is suggested that China would soon be Apple’s largest market and if the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus sales are anything to go by.

What do you think about the smartphone share of Apple in China outpace the U.S. market? Share your thoughts!

(Source: Tim Cook [Twitter])

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