iOS 8.4 Release Date Time Tipped With Apple Music Streaming In A New Report

Although its not clear whether Apple is indeed planning to confirm a specific iOS 8.4 release date time frame on stage at WWDC 2015, which all of the attention right now is on what Apple will be unveiling when Tim Cook kicks things off in San Francisco. Expected to listen about the iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and Apple’s new music streaming service also in the line to be on the agenda.

What now is proving the most interesting is the announcement of a new Apple Music feature. Reports having Apple set to bring it to iOS much sooner than iOS 9, which surfaced on 9to5Mac, the Cupertino gaint will give Apple Music integration its big debut in iOS 8.4 rather than iOS 9, which the company wanted to deliver iOS 8.4 to its iOS customers after the June 8th WWDC keynote, but that has apparently changed.

Apple iOS 8.4 update has been in testing for quite some time now and is even available as a beta release complete with redesigned Music app, though there is currently no streaming component working in the version that is out in the wild. Also said that Apple Music is going to include in iOS 9 this fall, but the firm has its own plans for its launch. Originally planned to release iOS 8.4 on coming Monday right after WWDC keynote but have now decided to push that towards the end of June according to latest reports.

What next? Assuming that Apple follows its own precedent, expect to see the iOS 9 update land around iPhone 6s time – late September, early October, but according to this new report that leaked through an email by the major carrier in UK – Vodafone – the release date of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are set for September 25th and will go on pre-order prior to that launch date – September 18.

Apple Music is believed to offer a free trial of sorts, with users able to take full advantage of anything up to three months of free service depending on which report you believe. Music fans will need to pay $9.99 to continue using Apple Music across any of the platforms it is expected to be available for. Such as iOS, Mac and belived to be on Android as well.

Alongside the new music streaming service, a revamped iTunes Radio is also expected which should also be available in the same countries where Apple Music lands on. Apple Music will not be a U.S. exclusive at first, as some users might expect, to bring the app to a “long list” of countries, including U.K., Canada and even Russia.

Once Apple Music launches alongside iOS 8.4, the changes are good that you will be able to take advantage of it. WWDC kicks off on Monday morning, and there are sure to be some interesting introductions as well. Stay tuned!

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