Columba Tweak Aims To Provide BiteSMS Alternative On iOS 8 Jailbroken Devices

First of all you will be getting a substitute for BiteSMS, Columba for iOS 8 is now available to download from the Cydia jailbreak store and brings with it some of the functionality we would want from an advanced messaging app or tweak. Jailbreak community has slowed down of late, and the older versions of best jailbreak tweaks haven’;t ever received the love and attention, One jailbreak app that has been staple of the community over the years is BiteSMS, which never got an iOS 8 update. Now it seems like it may never ever actually get it. Big fans of BiteSMS are waiting for such upgrade, and since its introduced in various redesigns, but looks like it’s time to move on to another.


With usual BiteSMS like quick reply features, Columba has couple of different way of starting a new message without having to open the Messenger app first, and where this alternative doesn’t come without a warning. For starters, even though the core of a good jailbreak tweak is there, it is’t perfect.

Using Columba on your iOS device has some odd performance issue with pause here and there and some users have reported more serious problems when they have more than one quick reply-type tweak installed. Following that, you should be OK.


Price has other issue, but we don’t object to paying the $2.99, but given some of the issues and the need for quite a bit of work still. Columba may be one of the best left alone until some updates have arrived.

Once you hit the plunge, you will find a quick compose window that can be invoked via the usual host of Activator methods or using the volume HUD should you prefer, and Columba even adds a button to the standard Messages app that eventually allows the composing of texts based on predefined template. Get the ability to schedule messages as well.


Advice: No wait for any update coming towards the BiteSMS, Columba is worth checking in and out if looking for cope with the potential fallout of bugs and performance issues as explained above. Or else, keep an eye on it as it gets updates because once it does, this could be the BiteSMS replacement we’ve been waiting for, to grab. It supports 20 different languages as well.

You can download Columba from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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