iOS 9 Jailbreak By Chinese ‘Keen Team’ Already In Development With Pangu Team Arm

Report speaks about a new jailbreak already in the works for the yet unreleased iOS 9 final, according to a newly published broadcast.


First of all to recap about another news that surfaced suggesting that the iOS 9 code apparently shows up the references of a 1080p iPhone FaceTime camera with LED flash, which is detailed right here. And now, according to Forbes, China’s Keen Team is aiming to gain access to an iOS 9 jailbreak, which is all ready this coming fall. Team has yet to release a jailbreak of its own, and not like Pangu, and TaiG. Apparently kean – see what we did there? – to work with Pangu n order to launch its first ever jailbreak release.

If you are not familiar with the Keen Team before, who has a history of hacking iPhones. Has previously won over $64,000 for exploring the iPhone’s Safari browser across 2013 and 2014 Mobile Pwb2Own competitions. The group is very well known for its work in the security sector and is “one of the most respected benevolent hacker teams in the world.

As per Forbes, one of the Keet Team’s person said that while there aws indeed some money generated in being able to get a new jailbreak out of the door, and said it’s would be technical challenge that drives him. With iOS 9 jailbreak indeed on his team’s sight and with the hope of a guiding hand from the more genuine Pangu Team, it is apparent that we are just starting to see the begenning of an iOS 9 jailbreak arms race that could keep us more entertained until iOS 9 finally goes live later this year.

Apple is said to have already killed a list of 9 jailbreak tweaks in iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Don’t mind, if anything goes correctly with the Keen Team developing iOS 9 jailbreak, users will get more than those little amount of Cydia tweaks. Isn’t it!

Whereas Apple been steadily adding jailbreak features to iOS proper over the years, there is still a busting community to be served by a jailbreak team. With Pangu Team on its arm, Keen Team is hoping for an explosive entrance and it is a good wa to do just that.

It’s worth mentioning that the latest public release of iOS 8.3 is not currently jailbrekable, but recently, Pangu Team demonstrated an iOS 8.3 jailbreak and plan to release it just after iOS 8.4 goes live later this month.

(Source: Forbes) (Via)

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