Apple Brings Back iPhone’s 3D Touch Multitasking Gesture In Future iOS 11.1 Update

Apple executive Craig Federighi has apparently confirmed they’re bringing back the popular 3D Touch gesture for iPhone again. With the unveil of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, it was said the multitasking gesture is replace with Face ID, and with the release of iOS 11.0, 3D Touch for the iPhone was completely removed.

App Switcher

Now that according to the latest report, the 3D Touch gesture will be returning in an upcoming software update. The gesture was a quick way to the multitasking screen, and required just a firm press on the left edge of the screen and a flick right to bring up the app switcher.

Federighi said that Apple had to temporarily pull back the useful shortcut “due to a technical constraint.” Apparently the company has now managed to overcome that issue and restore it. With Apple’s executive promising “we will be bringing it back in the upcoming iOS 11.x update.”

For now, the only was of bringing up the app switcher in iOS 11.0 is with a double press of the Home button. Or, once it’s available, by swiping the iPhone X’s virtual Home bar up and pausing in the middle of the screen to trigger multitasking.

The said gesture still seems very unfamiliar and awkward to many, but several others will get accustomed to it naturally. Since that’s nice iPhone X users will have the old 3D Touch option to fall back on.

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