iPhone 6 Running On iOS 9 Spotted In Benchmark Results

Not possible though, Apple announces new iOS versions at the WWDC, typically scheduled for June every year and its almost four more months for its next iteration after iOS 8 firmware update. Now, the first benchmark coming from an iOS 9 running on an iPhone 6 have hit the Basemark OS II database. How genuine it is?


Performance seems to be on par, except for the web score. Notably, WWDC is some time away and even if Apple releases a new version, it will be allotted to developers roll out. So the consumer update is far beyond.

iOS 8 iOS 9 Difference
Total 1620.94 Total 1600.06 -1%
Memory Group 2.0 942.79 Memory Group 2.0 948.44 1%
System Group 2.0 3107.1 System Group 2.0 3190.69 3%
Graphics Group 2.0 2348.77 Graphics Group 2.0 2327.42 -1%
Web Group 2.0 1088.54 Web Group 2.0 930.62 -17%

However, the numbers are likely to change before the new version hits users’ iPhones. Look at what actually the benchmark results say:

With only one reult in the database for now and rather than enough, no score for Basemark X, the graphics benchmark. The best changes about a new iOS version are consitently new inclusions, features, rather than increased performance.


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