Meerkat For iOS App Gets Address Book Integration, Facebook Live Stream Support, Mobbing And More

Live video streaming Meerkat app hits the Android Play Store recently. Now that, for iOS, Meerkat gets an update with Facebook, Mobbing and Address Book integration. More details on what new features Meerkat for iOS app brings with it can be grabbed right after this jump.

Meerkat update for iPhone now lets you post upcoming live video streams to Facebook stream promotions and lot more. You can even find users to connect with your phone’s contacts via address book. The latest upgrade Meerkat iOS app brings with it only to improve user discovery, which was in the past already introduced when Twitter cut back’s Meerkat access to its social graph.

In order to subscribe, with this move – Meerkat users can sign-in using their Facebook accounts and live streams. First and foremost, the update requires users to be a Twitter user to sign up to Meerkat, and with this new update, Facebook support makes Twitter accounts optional.

As oft-mentioned, the new Meerkat app version will also allow users to link to their contacts to find new livestreams on the app. In addition to that, iOS Meerkat app gets ‘mobbing’ feature that lets user push a popular stream to the application’s main activity feed.  Users will evidently notified that their feed has been ‘mobbed’ by a Meerkat flying around their screen in a rocket ship. Meerkat users will also be able to turn their avtars into emojis in action to react to a live stream in progress.

You can also promote live and upcoming streams to Facebook right now, however, given how the News Feed ranks content, you friends may not literally see the notification until the stream has long ago finished. Download links of Meerkat for Android app released for external beta testers.

You can now download Meerkat app for iOS directly from the iTunes App Store.

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