Mozilla Firefox Beta For iOS Released, Download And Install Right Now

After six months later. Mozilla is sending emails out to a lucky few, asking if they are interested in join the Firefox for iOS beta program in order to try and iron out as many bugs as possible before the public release. Details on the new Firefox beta can be checked right after this jump.

Mozilla announced that its finally going to bring Firefox to the iOS platform in late 2014, especially for those who use Firefox on all of their other platforms. Now, it’s time to rejoice. In an email that has been received by unknown number of people, Mozilla is remainding users that the Beta release of Firefox will be prone to bugs and potential crashes during the development process.

The fact that all the beta testers are known for, and no need Mozilla to remind that and if anything happens in the final Firefox for iOS public release, it will then be just as bad, though.

According to the email, beta testers will need to own an iOS device with iOS 8.0 or later installed in order to help out. However, the verison of Firefox that will arrive on iOS will essentially be a new wrapper for Webkit, which also carry some of the features Firefox sers love such as account and bookmark syncing. Available on iOS will be a stellar achievement.

No indications regarding when Mozilla intends to be able to ship Firefox to the App Store for mass use, but nevertheless, the sign that is private beta is ready to kick off should evidently give hope that development us at least well underway inside Mozilla. Firefox users should sleep well tonight, safe in the knowledge that they javen’t been forgotten about.

Firefox was been a big competitor to Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari the current big incumbents on iOS, Mozilla’s browser may be joining the party a little too late for most. Finally, it’s be made available as Firefox beta for iOS for now, later hits the store shelves for primetime.

Have you got an email from Firefox for beta testing its new browser on iOS? Do share with us if you get it and tried it.

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