Vine Update For iOS Adds HD Settings, Discovery Features

A new version of Vine iOS app makes it easier to find people to follow and includes an HD videos to the Vine application. This is a mobile iOS service which has been updated with new features that makes it easy to find more accounts to follow.


What’s New in Version 3.4.2

– Find more accounts to follow. Tap the Find People icon in the top left corner to see a new list of suggested Viners
– New quality setting. With a new setting, you can choose to have your Vines posted in HD. Go to Settings –> Your Content

First and foremost Instagram started the iteration to higher-res photos and now followed by Vine to HD video settings. The latest iOS app update allows folks to upload “HD” content, and also brings with it a new discovery feature as well.

With the added ability to now upload and have your Vine posts in glorious high definition footage, enabling your followers to view your posts in HD as a new optional extra. To enable the new HD feature, Vine users on iOS will have a new option inside Settings that allows them to post content in HD. Go to Settings under the “Your Content” section, and tap on it.

The new list of suggested Viners makes it easier to find more followers. Simply tap the “Find People” icon in the top left corner to see hand-picked suggesstions. If you want to find people those you know on Vine, you can still connect to Twitter and your address book as well.

It’s unclear what’s different about this HD content than the 720p video that Vine began allowing back in March — neither Bauer nor the iTunes changelog were clear — but it might mean even higher res 1080p clips.

You can download the latest version of Vine by following the link below.

(Download: Vine for iPhone, iPad on iTunes App Store)

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