iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Proof Leaked In Images Ahead Of Launch

It still took Apple many years after refusing to add wireless charging support to the iPhone, has finally making the leap. Rumors of wireless charging becoming available for iPhone 8 released next month. Here’s the proof that the iPhone 8 will finally catch up to Android in one way. All of the new iOS devices including iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s & iPhone 7s Plus are said to be getting the support for wireless charging. With the newly leaked component images went live seems to confirm those reports.

Wireless Charging iPhone

We have been shown two new photos today of what it appears to be assembled wireless charging and PCBs. Those seem to be boards destined for the completed accessories. First posted on Weibo, the following images show the purported component that will enable wireless charging on all Apple’s next-gen iPhones.

The images were shared to social networking, as has become the norm this new cycle, but can’t confirm their authenticity.

However, the photos do show wireless charging, there are plenty of those available for other smartphones on the market. Utterly means, there is no guarantee these leaks are for Apple’s offerings. Apple is indeed expected to have wireless charging available for 2017. Because of the new claims by John Gruber and Fast Company have the wireless charging feature set to be unavailable at launch.

The hardware is believed to be inside the phones that will be sold and to be software that is proving troublesome for Apple. In fact, it is conceivable that devices will be sold with the promise of wireless charging tech. With buyers having to perhaps wait for iOS 11.1 before such feature arrives.

This is something akin to iPhone 7 Plus owners waited for an updated iOS 10 version before the fancy new Portrait Mode.

Could software truly be stopping Apple from bringing wireless charging to the new iPhones at launch?

The part that has been leaked shows up it’s been placed on the back of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s Duos. Right under the rear glass shell. As a reminder, all 2017 iPhones are suggested to have “glass sandwich” designs. Meaning that the front and back covers are glass and will be mounted on a metal frame.

Furthermore, a massive Apple leak already confirmed that wireless charging support is built into iOS. While glass isn’t as durable as metal, but it does allow device makers to add wireless charging capabilities to their devices.

To say some, Samsung’s recent phones that support wireless charging also comes with glass sandwich designs. Fortunately, they’re also most easily breakable smartphone of all times.

Wireless charging is not new technology and Apple is believed to be using the existing Qi wireless charging standard. One of the most important Android phone makers have been able to do for years without issue. We have no way of confirming that the parts in these images are genuine iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s components.

Considering that both new iPhone series are in mass production, it’s not unreasonable to expect such leaks at this time. The alleged wireless charging component does look like it would fit inside the iPhone 8. Reason why, assuming the fact that the iPhone 8 schematics that we keep seeing this year the real deal.

If Apple really cannot make it work for the iPhone, we do wonder what is going on inside a company that’s be on top of its game. As exciting as wireless charging sounds, you should also know that the feature won’t be free, cheap enough. For that, you will all need to buy an accessory to enjoy it.

As is the case with Android phones, the iPhone 8 won’t ship with a wireless charging pad in the box. Moreover, you should know that wireless charging might not be available at launch, either.

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