Download Chromecast App For iOS With Material Design Makeover From Here [Free]

Google’s companion app for iOS, Chromecast has just been updated with the canopy feature which being the best inclusion of that Material Design that many users have been awaited. Download links, as well as details in full chart can be seen right after this break.

In a similar fashion how Apple did last year with iOS 7, Google has overhauled the appearance of its Android mobile platform, which the Cupertino’s goes with skin deed – at least, until iOS 8 landed a few months back. Material Design is pushing a new “layered” initiative that explore to offer a more streamlined user experience though.


With the launch on Android 5.0 Lollipop, brought the new Material Design out of the box, but has yet to reach the vast majority of smartphones and tablets that will eventually run it. Gmail has already been treated to the UI changes already, but nonetheless, those waiting have caught snippets with updates to a number of Search giant’s major apps. And with the Big G also ensuring that its range of apps for iOS are created to, Chromecast now packs Material Design.

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Chromecast, is one the super cheap HDMI dongle enables streaming from all manner of devices directly to television sets, and operates a similar manner to s set-top box. Priced at $30, you can now purchase it online if you’re lucky enough and the move to release the product last year has prompted rivals like Apple and Amazon into drastic action.


Along with Material Design, the changelog on the iTunes App Store imply to some bug fixes and stability enhancements. So, if you’ve encountered any nagging issues, the update is waiting for to download and apply imminently, below.

The Chromecast owners don’t need to worry about your money, while the app is freeware, after all – but you won’t get much use out of it unless you do, and if you like streaming content from device to TV, it’s well worth the small investment from your pocket.

(Download: Chromecast for iOS on the App Store)

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