Grab The List Of 100 Best Chromecast Apps For iPhone And iPad Right Now [Top]

All about the new Google Chromecast apps we are talking about. Here’s a gigantic list of iPhone apps as well as iPad apps that are compatible with the Chromecast dongle. The complete list of titles includes some powerful apps to games and top in the list also offerrs title that make good use of Google’s enormous and ultra-cheap cross-platform Chromecast hardware. For that you have to check the full set of  100 best iPhone, iPad apps right after this jump!

Remember, there’s an app for every one here for the Chromecast dongle aka or for your small piece of hardware that attaches to a computer, TV, or other electronic device.


The complete list is as follows:

  1. YouTube
  2. Chromecast
  3. Netflix
  4. Hulu Plus
  5. Pandora
  6. WatchESPN
  7. Google Chrome Browser
  8. HBO GO
  9. Showtime Anytime
  10. Google Play Muisc
  11. Google Play Movies & TV
  12. Photowall for Chromecast
  13. Musixmatch
  14. Twitch
  16. Nick
  17. Comedy Central
  18. Plex
  19. TuneIn Radio
  20. RealPlayer Cloud
  21. Crunchyroll
  22. Google+
  23. Crackle
  24. Vevo
  25. WATCH Disney
  26. Sesame Street Go
  27. PBS Kids
  28. Drama Fever
  29. EPIX
  30. Disney Movies Anywhere
  31. Slingplayer
  32. PandoraTV
  33. GoodPlayer
  34. iComedy
  35. ReelBox Movies
  36. CloudHome
  38. WappZapp
  39. iSofa TV
  40. MChoice
  41. +TVE
  42. MasterChef
  43. ANA Teleport
  44. SnagFilms
  45. iHeart Radio
  46. Songza
  47. NPR One
  48. Cinch
  49. radioPup
  50. Zing Mp3
  51. Soundtracker
  52. Tracktl
  53. RockIt Karaoke
  54. AirMusic
  55. Just Dance Now
  56. CONNECT 4 Quads
  57. Big Web Quiz
  58. Monopoly Dash
  59. Wheel of Fortune
  60. SCRABBLE Blitz
  61. SIMON Swipe
  62. Up Down Fish
  63. Cardcast
  64. ArcadeCast
  65. 2048 4 ChomeCast
  66. Red Bull TV
  67. UFC.TV
  68. Hudl
  69. Mpora
  71. DailyBurn
  72. Revision3
  73. Lyve
  74. Fitnet
  75. Framebook
  76. DropOnTV
  77. Photo Cast
  78. Pixifle Receiver
  79. PixiPush
  80. Cloud Photo Viewer
  81. 5by
  82. AirMusic
  83. Air Show HD
  84. CastMe
  85. CastNow
  86. Downcast
  87. Flixster
  88. iFoot.TV
  89. Songza
  90. Time Caster
  91. TicTacToe
  92. Projectify
  93. Ottilus TV
  94. BBC iPlayer
  95. CineXPlayer Now
  97. Haystack TV
  98. Jamo
  99. Pirate Dice
  100. MCPlayer

Priced at $35, the Chromecast dongle is imminently capable of and is one of the most popular HDMI media steaming device which apparently been added a guest mode that allows user to share their Chromecast without giving the password to a WiFi network. From the Google Play Store, Chromecast dongle is now available to purchase, in India – as Snapdeal exclusive! In the US, you can grab it from a place like Best Buy and eBay.

The aforementioned apps list also includes a wide variety of titles, from great casual games to apps that turns your TV into a video, photo or audio streamer – from sports to entertainment. No waiting, if you already get you hands on the mighty Chromecast dongle with an iOS, try checking the complete list of hundred iPhone and iPad apps for free, covered from start to finish.


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