Apple’s 6.1-Inch iPhone To Reportedly Shatter All Existing iPhone Sales Records

Here’s why and how the upgrade version of iPhone X refresh will help shatter all the existing iPhone sales records. By all accounts, the iPhone X was supposed to usher in a super cycle of iPhone upgrades, but in reality, it was slightly a different task.

Although the iPhone X sold incredibly well last quarter, year-over-year iPhone sales fell by about 1 million units. It’s worth noting that Apple’s most recent holiday quarter was 13 weeks long, as opposed to the 14-week quarter Apple enjoyed during last year’s December holiday quarter. According to the details surfaced last week, if Apple’s December quarter included an extra week, iPhone sales could have easily checked in at 83 million units.

Without any doubt, demand for the iPhone X remains strong, but what about the facts and controversy? Consumers are fairly loving Face ID and the issues surrounding the notch has all but evaporated at this point. At the same time, the iPhone X’s $999 price point likely prompted some prospective buyers to either opt for the iPhone 8 or put off upgrading unit a later date.

Rumors have it that Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup will see the release of three new devices with different screen sizes: a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, a refreshed iPhone X, and a brand new 6.1-inch iPhone with an edgeless LCD display. Looking forward from what we’ve gathered so far, is that why Apple’s 6.1-inch iPhone will be far more affordable than the current iPhone X.

As a result, the aforementioned iPhone super cycle could very well manifest later this year. In short, Apple’s 6.1-inch LCD model will somehow attract an avalanche of upgrades who want a refreshed iPhone design but aren’t willing to fork over upwards of $1000 for a new device.

In this countdown, a reliable Apple analyst from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo recently issued an investor note claiming that Apple’s LCD-based edgeless iPhone will be more popular than the company’s 2017 OLED based models.

Obtained by AppleInsider:

In a trio of notes seen by AppleInsider, Kuo says anticipation for this year’s iPhone X led to a dismal outlook on the future of LCD models, but a rumored 6.1-inch LCD model could reshape sentiment in 2018.

Specifically, Kuo believes share pullbacks of the LCD supply chain over the trailing year have priced in concerns about growing OLED competition. Further, if Apple does release a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model with full-screen display, as rumors suggest, the potential for sales growth will positively affect suppliers like LCD manufacturer Japan Display.

In fact, there’s a reason to believe that Apple later this year will shatter all existing iPhone records. Both in terms of overall sales of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and revenue as the 6.1-inch iPhone will effectively be an iPhone X-style device period like an iPhone 8.

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