Apple’s iPad Pro Lands On Vodafone UK – Get 12.9 Epic Tablet On Contract

It’s official now. The UK mobile carrier Vodafone has announced that it will starting today offering iPad Pro on its network, alongside placing its availability in a range of contracts.

Simple to say that the iPad Pro 4G LTE-enabled tablet is available in a range of 24 months agreemenbt with Vodafone UK. While the cheapest pricing of the contract will cost you £379 up front and then £38 a month. Buy it now?

If you purchase iPad Pro on a £38 per month contract – you will be getting a data of 3GB, and if not satisfied with that, there’s another choice available with 10GB of data a month, which will set you back a payment of £349 up front and then £43 a month over 24 months.

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Alternatively, you can even get iPad Pro directly from Apple Inc. without any need of contract (Unlocked). Cost for that is £899 for the same model. You can find out more details on the new 12.9inch iPad Pro contract ranges with Vodafone right here.

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