Apple: Rumored March 18 Pre-order Date For iPhone 5se And iPad Air 3 Following March 15 Release Time

Given the fact that the Apple’s 4-inch iPhone 5se and 9.7-inch iPad Air is currently on target to start selling its next products the same week, but a bit longer date of three days away. It was actually disclosed by a previous report that both the new smaller-screened iPhone and iPad Air 2016 variants launch on Martch 15 and now that the speculation also added another glimpse that the two will go on sale from March 18 onwards. How quick?

One thing is indeed comes true and accurate that the new iPhone 5se and iPad Air March unveil event in order to pick up any of the new hardware, and also pleased to know that they won’t have to wait long to get their hands on their new toy following the event, as the new report now suggests that Apple will make the 4-inch iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 available for purchase the same week they have been announced.

Tipped that Apple to host a media event on 15th March at which the new 4″ iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will be introduced alongside new Apple Watch bands. Usually, Apple would normally announced new iPhones and iPads and then offer a pre-order window the following weekend before begenning sales of those products another week later, it would obviously seem that this March event will see the end of that particular practice, according to 9to5Mac reports.

Those wishing to order a new piece of Apple kit may be able to get their hands on it in a matter of days after the firm takes to the stage of March 15. With no sales delay and no pre-order window to speak, we here received an excellent news that who are terrible at waiting to get their hands on a new gadget, we doubt such a timescale will be workable for devices with a bigger and wider appeal than the iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3.

About the iPhone 5se, as we expected it to be a 4-inch iPhone and is essentially a cross between an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 6. With A9/M9 processor, the new iPhone design coming from a newer latter iPhone. Apple’s iPad Air 3 is expected to carry on the iPad Air 2-esque of thinness and lightness while also gaining support for a Smart Connector as well as, potentially, the Apple Pencil, like the iPad Pro, for example, took two months from its announcement to actually go on sale.

iPad Air 3? Ever since Apple didn’t refresh the line at the end of 2015, and no waiting anymore to see what exactly the next iPad Air has to offer, even more-so than the next 4-inch iPhone. Catch you at March 15th Apple’s event.


(Source: 9to5Mac)

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