Apple’s iPhone 8 To Feature Two-Step Touch ID Tech And Facial Recognition System [Rumor]

New report comes straight from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this time with a new research note outlining what can we potentially expect from Apple’s 2017 iPhone, or iPhone 8 as some parties are already looking to call it.

Latest speaks something different as Apple’s next generation iPhone is expected to look vastly divergent from what we currently have, but he suggesting that the company is investing in new identification and authentication technology, although also working on introducing a new physical design with what will extremely be the underlying structure for the new flexible OLED display.

Despite the technology still being in early stages of development, the fact that OLED panel makers will have to provide bespoke designs for the rumored system to work. Also, we expect the new OLED iPhone will come with a flexible bezel-less panel. And Apple may switch to a film sensor from the current FPCB thing in order to provide better 3D Touch user experience.

In fact the most exciting part is the suggestion that Apple is looking at to develop a new form of Touch ID technology that would allow iPhone 8 to feature a full-screen, zero-bezel design with an integrated flexible OLED panel. Henceforth, there is a need for an “under panel” placement. Kuo also believes that the new Touch ID implementation might ultimately be replaced by a facial detection system, but that the two could work together in the first instance to provide more robust authentication:

Judging by the bio-recognition patents that Apple has applied for, we believe it is leaning toward facial recognition technology rather than iris recognition. However, we note that the technical challenges of facial recognition include: (1) algorithms; (2) hardware design; and (3) the build-out of a database for verification and authentication, which could be time consuming. As such, before Apple can fully replace the fingerprint system with facial recognition, a combination of the two steps of bio-recognition could be a valid solution for enhancing transactions security.

iPhone 8 Rumors: Iris Scanner, Face Recognition Replacing Touch ID

Kuo explains this form, because Touch ID uses a capacitive sensor located under the Home button’s sapphire-coated cover glass a new solution is required to realize a bezel-less iPhone appearance. It’s all exciting predictions considering we’ve been waiting for a radical design architecture of iPhone for a number of years now. The new underlying shell of iPhone 8 should allow for an embedded flexible OLED display with Apple finally making the move from LCD panels to the more energy-efficient OLED alternative.

While Apple supplier LG Innotek showed off a fingerprint sensor embedded beneath a smartphone display, engineering an edge-to-edge iPhone would require putting a Touch ID-like system below the display panel. As mentioned already about the optical fingerprint verification tech, still in early development stages, but Kuo claims that Touch ID-like fingerprint scanning will ultimately be replaced by a facial recognition system for increased security.

Putting all the predictions in place, we should welcome in a newc “10th Anniversary iPhone” now. With a beautiful edge-less display, a stunning glass body, and hopefully advanced biometric features that should work all together in order to make iPhone one of the most secure devices yet.

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