Apple’s iPhone X Gets “Hacked” To Run Microsoft’s Windows 7 [Video]

What’s viral now is making different versions of Windows, games or apps run on hardware that they were never ever intended to run on is something that has long been a favorite pass time of those with the knowledge required to pull off such a feat.

With popular and handheld devices, more and more amazing things are being done, like what this video shows up below.

It was before in the past when someone managed to recently get Windows 95 and Sim City 2000 running on an iPhone x. Now, another trick has done with that same hardware running a much newer version of Microsoft’s operating system – Windows 7.

The attainment is uploaded to a YouTube video channel, published by Hacking Jules, and it shows the aforementioned iPhone X running Microsoft’s Windows 7, albeit in a manner that is unlikely to win any performance awards. First of all, the whole creation takes around 30 minutes to launch Windows and even more, it manages that, nothing is even close to being responsive enough to use properly. Still, the fact is possible at all is certainly something to shout about.

Thanks to the iBox x86 emulator, a project which includes 64-bit support and even supports non-jailbroken iOS devices, has made this whole thing possible. That project can be checked out via GitHub in all its glory, but for many, the video released by Hacking Jules is enough.

Yes, the history speaks that Apple’s devices being made to run software that was never designed for them, but none have been as capable as the iPhone X. Modern smartphones are powerhouses packed into tiny boxes, and we wonder how well they would run things like Windows 7 desk on an iOS platform if the driver support was there. For now, however, we’ll just enjoy what we have.

(Source: Hacking Jules [YouTube])

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