Apple’s March 27 Spring Event Won’t Be Live Streamed

Unfortunately, Apple is this time not live streaming its March 27 Spring event, as it often offers for its special events. The company has confirmed the fact that there will be no live stream for the March 27 education-focused keynote set to take place at Chicago.

Today updated the Events app on the Apple TV to add an image of the Apple’s invitation for the upcoming event and to note that a video will be uploaded later in the day following the conclusion of the event.

What’s your take on?

Reason behind that could be this, Apple has not held an education-focused event since 2012, so we weren’t sure what exactly to expect. That event particularly was not streamed either. Given that this is primarily an event for teachers and students rather than regular customers. It isn’t a surprise that we’ll have no live stream.

Make sure to visit us on Tuesday if you want to hear about what Apple has in store for schools. We will offer live coverage of the educational event here at

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