The Next Apple’s iPhone Be Called Double X? References To ‘iPhone xx’ Found In Xcode 10

What could Apple’s next iPhone of 2018 to be called? Just weeks before an official announcement, digging into one of Apple’s products has once again discovered some previously unknown information. Here’s what Gui Rambo found, a reference to a currently unreleased device within Apple’s Xcode 10 app with the placeholder name of “iPhone xx.”

Well, we were expecting Apple release iPhone XL as this year’s new model, and no one is suggesting that Apple intends to release an iPhone 20 next month or call a device an iPhone Double X or even call it iPhone xx as the discovery suggests.

However, it’s quite clear now that this discovery is an interim placeholder in Xcode’s internal device list for a brand new iPhone which is as yet unnamed. At least publicly.

Speculations there referencing Apple to release three new models in 2018 and is extremely interesting to see what the marketing names of the units will be. And more genuinely, which devices this placeholder actually hint and why the other devices aren’t shown.

Actually, this discovery has been found in what looks to be the populated list of devices that describes which simulator version developers can run apps that are being built within Xcode 10; which, otherwise, is currently in beta alongside iOS 12 and macOS Mojave.

In fact, it shows internally in Xcode 10 as iPhone xx, there is little else that we know about the mystery device, other than it appears that it could ship with an A10 processor, which is the same chip used in Apple’s iPhone 7 models, previously.

Note: We also think that there won’t be iPhone 9, because iPhone X means it’s an iPhone 10 model, which could apparently mean Apple ditched iPhone 9 model, although it feels like it could potentially be introduced as a very entry-level and highly affordable LCD device for emerging markets, such as India, which Apple is keen to crack and capitalize on.

Based on what we think we know about Apple’s upcoming plans, it doesn’t feel like this iPhone xx unit is one of the three devices that we expect Apple introducing into the market.

While the cheaper variant of those three devices is expected to run an Apple A12 chip, come with a revamped iPhone X design, and have functionality like Face ID. It could be one reason iPhone xx brand anomaly showing up in Xcode 10 or be a reference to what is essentially a new iPhone 7-esque device which is cheaper to build and which will ultimately be aimed at emerging markets.

References To ‘iPhone xx’ Discovered In Xcode 10

Before you fall into this topic you have to note that this is only a reference shot found its place in Xcode 10, and in reality that could change before Apple’s new iPhone announcement date set for on September 12th. Stay tuned for more!

(Source: @inside_ [Twitter], Image: 2018 iPhone colors)

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