Apple’s Siri-Powered Amazon Echo Competitor Final Status

The current-status of Apple’s own Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor is in at finalizing stage of preparations, according to notorious leaker of Apple news and information Sonny Dickson.

Apple Echo competitor Siri
He does not have a faithful record when it comes to claims for what Apple will or will not do in the future, but he claims that Apple is ready to enter the market that currently surrounding Amazon and Google as its only real rival players may well have some weight to it.

Reports posted via Twitter, Dickson does not even go into great detail, though he did say that Apple’s new venture is “expected to be marketed as Siri/AirPlay device,” while also including some sort of Beats technology. Amazon’s Echo device has received a huge popularity in part thanks to its speaker system, which is capable of filling a room with audio without also filling it with ugly speakers. This Is How: Apple Plans To Take On Amazon Echo, Introducing A Siri-Powered Smart Home Device

In order to compete with Amazon, Apple definitely want to do the same with its Echo competitor, and that too with Beats on board. It does stand a chance of offering audio quality on par with, or possibly exceeding, the current king of the hill.

One final tip from Dickson hints at the unannounced device’s use of a flavor of iOS, which is somewhat unlikely that this will be the iOS which we are all so familiar with – unless this new device will also include a touchscreen for data input and interaction. Given the fact that Amazon Echo and of course Google Home truly focuses on voice control, and with Apple already having Siri across its own platforms, we bet no doubt that will be the case at all.

Echo Siri iOS 10
Expected to see AirPlay support along with Siri to be main features on the new device that can boast, and while we don’t know either when the product will be announced, it is conceivable that this year’s WWDC event, to run between June 5th and June 9th, could apparently witness some introduction of it at least.

(Source: Sonny Dickson [Twitter])

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