These Third-Party Apps Gets Support For Bixby At Launch

Third-party apps support for Samsung Bixby virtual assistant will reportedly include Facebook and CNN among a list of other applications that can currently be downloaded directly from Google Play Store. With that said, the Bixby will also support YouTube, Twitter, Uber, LinkedIn, and Foursquare alongside the two mentioned above. Moreover, these apps are expected to join the ranks as the software becomes more robust. Here are the details you definitely want to know about.

Here's a list of Bixby supported third-party apps
Although Bixby on the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus will support apps that are native to the device, many of which will be Samsung’s own applications like briefing, Samsung Health, Samsung Internet, Samsung Music, Samsung Themes, Video, and much more.

There are few other apps noted as coming with the two new smartphones at launch such as Google Play Music, the camera app, the gallery, message, and the Settings app, but Samsung relatively did not seem to have mentioned much of anything in regards to detailing when third-party apps support would be coming to the new digital assistant software. Before Samsung go further, it should certainly have to address the issue of allowing third-party apps to integrate with Bixby at some point, if it hopes for Bixby to succeed in the long run. As more app support will certainly play a big role in how its perceived by users.

Voice control with a digital assistant like Bixby is a powerful thing but at the same time it will need the backing of support for more apps to reach its legit potential. So that users can initiate tasks and functions through the use of their voice, similarly, somewhat how they express with Google AI Assistant. Bixby will also allow users access to search for things by image using the Bixby Vision portion of the software, which can be accessed through voice or by hitting a dedicated button for the feature while inside of the camera app.

Hello Bixby
Bixby is due to launch with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on April 21st, though they’re available for pre-order from some retailers and wireless carriers. There’s still a fairly decent chance that some consumers who ordered either device will end up getting theirs before the actual launch date, as manufacturers and carriers often ship out devices only. Also see: Galaxy S8 Facial Unlocking Feature Can Be Bypassed With A Photo, Here’s How [Video]

Third-party apps support for Bixby

One major point is that Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, is damn major selling points for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, boasting promising features like image search and a dedicated launch button. While the success of the AI hinges on thing: third-party app support. Thus far, Samsung kept quite on the subject of what third-party apps to expect, stating only that all of its native apps will support Bixby at launch (such as Camera, Calendar, Gallery, Settings and Message) along with Google Music. And: Samsung Galaxy S8 Launched: Buyers To Get A 3-Month Unconditional Refund Policy Now

Bixby third-party apps support

At a recent Samsung Canada press briefing, the Korean company showed an early version of Bixby that listed several third-party apps comprising CNN, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Uber. Don’t miss: The Unlocked Galaxy S8 / S8+ Will Be Available At Best Buy May 9th

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