Appscovery Lets You Find Rare App Store Apps For Free In One Place [No Revokes, No Jailbreak Required]

There are a variety of third-party sites which offer IPAs at no cost, and this is another for you to be able to access a central repository which gives you immediate access to a multitude ofrare and extremely useful apps and games across different genres.

This web app is going to let you immediately filter your choice bu different genres in order to find useful apps that offer movies and TV functionality, as well as music or gaming with an ease.

Unlike other apps such as iPAStore, Tweakbox offer, the listed below of some of apps are region locked, meaning that they may only available in certain territories. So, before you jump into the process, keep that in mind in order to prevent yourself from being frustrated.

This guide is going to be the shorted step-by-step procedure due to the fact that if you already know how to use the Internet and how to use safari on your iPhone, then you already know what to do here. But, with that admission, let’s take the “in for a penny, in for a pound” approach and dive right in:

Step 1: Get hold of your trusted iPhone or iPad and launch the web browser. This could be safari or a third-party one like Chrome.

Step 2: With the browser up and running, navigate to the following URL (you can do this manually or just by tapping the link on your device):

Step 3: For now, that is all is required on your behalf in order to get up and running. You will be given a website which you can filter the types of apps by using the menu navigation system at the top. Tapping on an app will then give you the option to launch the App Store and view the app page directly.

Step 4: If you want to go one step further and want to make this extremely easy to use and accessible, then tap on the Share button at the bottom of Safari and add the web app to the Home screen of the device. Simple, isn’t it? That means it’s going to be accessible extremely quickly to give you immediate access to the contents of the site.

That’s it! Enjoy downoading and installing paid iOS Apps on your favorite device for free!

(source: DinoZambas2 [YouTube])

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