Adobe Photoshop Lightroom App Goes Completely Free For iPhone, iPad [Download]

Adobe with no longer requires Creative Cloud subscription has made available of its Photoshop Lightroom for iOS a free downloadable application. Treated professional and aspring artists alike with flurry of new apps and updates to its existing portfolio, creating an aspect of excitement so intense that a key development went unnoticed, made the app a truly standalong product and then.

Apple has elimnated the traditional dependencies of its Photoshop Lightroom app for iPhone and the iPad available compleely free to download. Photoshop Lightroom has always been available for iOS as freeware, but required user to be running the Lightroom desktop app and be subscribed to the Creative Cloud in the past. This time around, Adobe made the mobile version of its application a mere compainion app with no real control over standalone photography and image editing.

What is the difference between Adobe’s Lightroiom vs Photoshop? For that you have to wait for our another publication to conclude this point. As of today, you can use the Photoshop Lightroom app locally on your iOS device competes with the image editing tools without needing the desktop app and an active Creative Cloud Photography plash subscription.

Lightroom for mobile for iOS can now be used on your phone or tablet without a paid membership, coming soon to Android.”

Photos can now be captured directly fromthe updated Photoshop Lightroom app, which even carries the new Dehaze filter, was just added to the desktop app. With plenty of other tools to play with to tinker with as well also made available, and that too all for free of charge.

Adobe's New Upgraded iOS Lightroom App Is Here For Free Download
If you aren’t aware of Adobe’s announcement of two brand new apps for the iOS platform which saw the company making some serious effort with regards tto the mobile platform, given the quality and function of new apps altogether. Interestingly the company behind the Photoshop and Lightroom apps seems to have realized that the mobile platform could really help them generate more revenues than it had imagined on desktop iteration.

Get Photoshop Lightroom app for iPhone and iPad for free to make a test drive
With this in mind Adobe is hoping that giving mobile users the freedom to play around with Photoshop Lightroom could entice a few into opting for the paid desktop app and an active subscription, especially considering that smartphone like iPhone are increasingly becoming the choice of camera’s that support 4K videos for many. Now that it is all set for iOS platform. Unfortunately, Adobe  has not said when a standalone Lightroom app will arrive on the Android platform. But expect it very soon, because it is actively working on such a release.

If you wish to give the app on an iPhone or iPad a whirl, simply head to the download links given below.

(Download: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone from the App Store)
(Download: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPad from the App Store)

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