Android Browser Chrome Gets Improved Data Saver Mode Now Loads Pages Faster By Image Blocking

Google has took the step far longer by updating its Chrome for Android app, released Data Saver mode on mobile browser to slim down the internet when speeds are slow and at the same time remove most images when loading a Web page over a slower connection. For those times when your mobile internet is slow and you just really want to read an article.

Now Load Pages Faster Using Chrome Data Saver Mode On Android
The mode will only load a text on when it detects a slow network, cutting data usage by up to 70 percent. Customers in India and Indonesia will be the first to receive Data Saver mode on Chrome for Android. Save data and speed up the web when you loosing your connection, where it now loads pages even faster by blocking images, to keep image-heavy sites from eating up all your data and speeds up your web browsing.

How to enable Data Saver mode? Head over to Settings > Advance > Data Saver, and there you can be able to turn it On. Once done, Chrome will try to both compress pages and block images when it detects you have a slow connection, and it’s done automatically. No worry: You’ll have the option to tap to load the images if you wish.

Remind you that when Chrome on Android detects that your connection is slow, it will show you a pop-up message at the bottom of your screen, says “Slow connection detected.” You can show all the images or some particular ones wish to. By making this will make web faster and cheaper to access on slow internet connection like 2G.

The update is rolling out to the foremost, with other countries getting this expanded mode in the next few months. Learn more: A new way to save data with Chrome on AndroidGoogle Chrome Blog.

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