Apple Approves An iOS App “FlexBright” That Adjusts Display Temperature

Approved FlexBright by Apple recently by making it the first iOS third-party apps that is able to function in a manner similar to the company’s own Night Shift mode, set to be released in iOS 9.3. FlexBright iOS app has got only one catch that that’s it must be triggered somewhat manually in response to a notification on Control Center, rather than continuously, like Night Shift or f.lux.

FlexBright is now available to download from the iOS App Store. It is an app created by Intelligent Apps, who worked with Apple to find a way to implement blue light reduction capabilities. The app however includes all the controlling actions that allow it to both dim an iPhone or iPod’s display and adjust the temperature of the screen to cut down on blue light exposure.

It runs in the background on an iPhone or iPad, FlexBright sends notifications to prompt users to change the brightness or the blue level on the display at shutdown or at user-scpefied times. A tap on the alert makes, FlexBright launch and change the brightness or blue light filter to a preset value, which either way can introduce a lot more yellow light than Apple’s own Night Shift mode in iOS 9.3.

FlexBright‘s screen adjustments work radically throughout the iOS operating system, in third-party apps and on the Home screen as well. Developers behind FlexBright using this notification system that was the only way Apple would allow the app to change brightness or blue light while running in the background. The app itself does not use private APIs to change the screen temperature, instead utilizing a “native abjective-c library that filters the blue light from the iOS screen”.

Admittedly, the app has a confusing interface, there are toggles to turn the screen yellower on demand and adjust aler times for the notifications that will then allow it to work on an almost automatic basis. Got alerts for adjusting brightness and toggle for a “Dark Mode“, which turns the screen black and white, similar to but not identical to – the Grayscale mode under Accessibility settings.

It nevertheless offers dsplay temperature adjustments for iOS devices that are not compatible with Apple’s Night Shift mode. FlexBright supports iPhones, iPads and ipod touch devices running on iOS 7 or iOS 8. Night Shift mode is only compatible with devices installed iOS 9.3, and also available on non-64-bit phones like the iPhone 5 and earlier.

Left Photo: Coolest, Center Photo: About half way, Right Photo: Warmest
When compared to F.lux blue light reduction app for Mac that allows to adjust their screen temperature, shifting it towards the warmer yellow spectrum in the evenings. Apple’s decision to allow iOS FlexBright app into its App Store would be an interesting, because there was a bit controversy over f.lux a few months ago. In November, developers of it launched f.lux iOS version that was actually side-loaded on devices using Xcode due to the fact that its private APIs, something Apple quickly said was not allowed.

Now that FlexBright has a promitive interface, and color schemes seen yellower than Apple’s implentation of Night Shift, but it does opens up an interesting option, specifically for those devices that won’t be supported by Night Shift.

FlexBright is available for grab directly from official iOS App Store but it’s not listed for free, rather holds a price-tag of $2.99.

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