Apple Releases ‘Move to iOS’ Android App On Play Store

Alongside the launch of iOS 9 to the public, Apple today introduced a new “Move to iOS” app for Android devices. First ever iOS app released on Google Play Store. Available as a free download, but the app requires a WiFi connection to work as well as Android 4.0 or later, is designed to help Android users transfer their content from an Android device to an iOS device. Details below!

Apple's 'Move to iOS' app is ready to help Android users jump ship

Owners of Android smartphones or tablets will be able to use the new app to make the move over from their current device to an iPhone or iPad. New app will take all of a user’s information, such as contacts, messages, mail settings, photo libraries and browser bookmarks, amongst other things, and undoubtedly move them over to a new iOS device. The Move to iOS app’s aim is to ensure that as little info is lost along the way as possible, something that has historically put people off moving from Android to iOS or vice-versa.

The Move to iOS service is able to trnasfer almost all important data from the Android smartphone or tablet device to the new Apple device, as aforementioned, also includes calendars, wallpapers, DRM-free songs, and books. Using the app also helps users move over their apps to rebuild their app libraries. On the Android deevice, Move to iOS app will compile a list of all the applications that have been downloaded from the Play Store or other sources.


Free apps of all categories that have iOS counterparts will be suggested as immidiate downloads, while apps that have paid iOS counterparts will be automatically added to a user’s iTunes Wish List in purchase as needed. This makes it easy for anyone with a large app library on Android to try and gain parity in the world of iOS without having to go hunting for apps themselves.

For you here’s what Apple created, a support document that walks Android users through using the Move to iOS app. It requires some available space on the iOS device receiving content, and as oft-mentioned requires a WiFi Hotspot and Android Lollipop running on device. Big deal enough, with the attempt making the Android to iOS switch an easy one comes at a time that Apple claims is seeing the highest number yet of Android users switching to iOS.

You can get it right after this line. iOS 9 started rolling out a few hours ago and is one we recommend installing without too much delay.

(Download: Move to iOS for Android on the Play Store)

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