Apple Music And Beats 1 Radio Gone Live In Over 100 Countries Worldwide

Now that Apple Music and Beats 1, which the Cupertino company’s subscription-based streaming music service and the 24/7 radio service are now officially live in over 100 countries around the world. Details regarding it offer, how much will it gonna cost can be checked right after this jump.


All Music In One Place

Getting access to music you don’t own, users will now be able to carry their entire collection (iTunes library) to Apple Music additionally. “First, we identify all the tracks in your personal collection and compare them to the Apple Music library to see if we have copies. If we do, we make them instantly available in iCloud across all your devices,” says Apple, though if no matching music is found, the track will be uploaded from iTunes on your computer.



It is touted as a powerful tool, one which ‘Connects’ big artists / bands, or even new and up-coming ones, with the public or loyal fans. Up-and-coming artists will also be able to promote their music to a larger audiance, and established artists will keep their fans in the loop with candid backstage shots, videos and more.

Artists on the other hand will have their own profiles that fanfare and users will be able to visit, and comment on their videos or photps, and may also receive a reply in eturn. Through Soacil Media, content is up for sharing with your friends.


Apple Music will learn your preferences and will support your favorite tracks, artists and best playlists accordingly. Start fresh, by just picking your genres, favorite bands, and the rest will take care off from there.

Siri Integration

What you would think about the better range of controls for Apple Music? Siri is there to help you out with an array of requests. The voice assistant can now be asked to play hit songs from a particular year, queue up tracks, or even add any album or song to your music library. Making this integration, Siri becomes an extremely valuable one from a user’s poiint of view.

Beats 1


Different frpm iTunes Radio. Beats 1 is a free 24-hour radio service which broadcasts live from Apple’s studios in Los Angles, New York, and London to over hundred countries globally. Service that includes guest interviews and other talk shows based on music. Curated playlists for each genre have also been further refined by renowned artists and DJs. Even better, if you are an Apple Music subscriber, you can tune into ad-free stations and even skip an unlimited number of songs essentially.

3-Month Free Trail


Already mentioned and rolled out! All the goodies discussed above – including access to over 30 million songs – can be had absolutely free for the first three months. Later Apple will be offering you the chance to play around with the service for free right away. Now that hoping, once the experience grows on you, a subscription costs will never mind you any more.

Members Plans

Call it subscription or membership, the point here is – you’re playing to stick around. Apple says, depending on the requirement, there’s a membership plan for everyone.

  • Single Membership ($9.99/month): As is obvious from the name itself, this membership will be exclusive to just one Apple ID, and will give you an all-access pass for the Apple Music experience.
  • Family Membership ($14.99/month): This particular plan allows you to share Apple Music access with up to six other users on their devices through Family Sharing. Access to the service is, of course, unlimited.


Existing Beats Music subscribers will be exempted and will be able to move their subscription to Apple Music, including all credited or subscribed playlists, along with any albums saved.

Supported Platforms

Apple Music supported on a range of devices (iPhone 4 not in the list)

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 8.4.
  • Apple Watch (provided your iPhone is running iOS 8.4).
  • Mac with the latest iTunes 12.1.2 installed.
  • Windows PC with the latest iTunes 12.1.2 installed.
  • Android and Apple TV support in fall 2015.

Availability In Your Country?

Over 100 countries where Apple Music has been launched, including Africa, Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Full list of supported regions are as follows:


Set to go with the world of Apple Music? Then download the iOS 8.4 update for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch here: Download iOS 8.4 Final IPSW Links For iPhone And iPad.

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