Apple Releases iTunes 12.2.1 Download For OS X And Windows With Fix For iTunes Match And More

Apple has released iTunes 12.2.1 download for Mac and Windows, which is seed with much needed bug fixes and some performance improvements over the previous version release that had some serious troubles with iTunes Match. Fixes for other features introduced with Apple Music, and this new release promises to fix some of other issues.

Apple Music was first released two weeks ago, but included several major bugs with iTunes Match that caused the deletion of entire music libraries and issues other than that are listed as an inability sign up for Apple Music for former iTunes Match subscribers, because existing matched music was moved to Apple Music, rendering it unavailable for download or further copying.

In the similar fashion, Apple released iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.10.4 Yosemite around two weeks ago, later rolled out iTunes 12.2, iCloud Music Library as well. But so far there have been a number of complaints were users reported incorrect matches, and of course instances where entire music libraries were deleted from iTunes.


The new version iTunes 12.2.1 update should put and end to these errors, including incorrect and bad metadata, track duplication, and random playlist wipes, and should also make it possible for several iTunes March subscribers to sign up for Apple Music for the first time, were also unable to do so. What is new in iTunes 12.2.1? It includes some bug fixes for Beats 1, which didn’t exactly have the best streaming performance at launch as users reported drops while streaming and other playback related issues.

Today’s update fixes the iTunes Match issue that caused iTunes to incorrectly label songs from Matched to Apple Music. In addition, iTunes 12.2.1 also includes bug fixes for the Beats 1 radio station, which also built-in Apple streaming music service app, Apple Music.

How to get it right now?

iTunes 12.2.1 is available for both Windows and Mac. Users can right now download the new release using the Mac App Store under the ‘Updates’ tab, Windows users have to utilize the Software Update app to grab hold of the software. For starters, if you’re downloading from scratch however, then you grab the latest version of iTunes from:

Here’s the complete changelog of the iTunes 12.2.1 update:

This update addresses the following problems when using iTunes Match or Apple Music:
– Fixes an issue for iTunes Match users where iTunes incorrectly changed some songs from Matched to Apple Music.
– Provides a way to correct a library problem affecting former iTunes Match subscribers.
– Includes minor bug fixes and improvements for Beats 1.

Apple reportedly fixes iTunes Match DRM problems with iTunes 12.2.1 update

Recommended that if you update to the latest version immidietely as it promises to fix a lot of issues. Beyond that, it’s always a good practice to be on the latest software update no matter what. Fire up the Mac App Store on your Mac, or Software Update tool on your Windows PC and update it now.

About Apple Music, it lets iTunes listeners get access to on-demand music, create playlists, and more, plus it includes the Beats 1 radio station and Apple Music Connect, Apple’s artist-centric social network. Enjoy!

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