Apple Store Promotion Offers 100 Popular Apps And Best Games At A Discount Sale

Apple has today launched its latest huge App Store sale with 100 apps and games now available for a pretty $0.99, with some of the biggest names in the App Store available for a mere big cutoff. bargain is no needed, and if our first run through what’s on offer in this promotion is anything to go by. Apps are split into categories, such as “Smart Tools for Everyone,” “Apps for Photography Lovers,” “Apps for Kids,” “Game Hits,” “App Store Veterans,” and more.


Sale, which is confirmed to be live in both the United States and the United Kingdom so far, brings premium titles like Scanner Pro 6, Pixelmeter and Limbo to the App Store for less than a dollar, and Apple is even highlighting what it calls “App Store Veterans”. Titles such as the original Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope 2 are all included in that particular sub-section, all of which would be a great way to spend less than $1 for each if you ask for!

Games on sale span several genres and include titles like BADLAND, Shadowmatic, Goat Simulator, and Radiation Island. More than half of the apps on sale are games, and many are worth purchasing at just $0.99. We heartily suggest checking it out while the offer is still on, especially if you are new to the world of iOS and have some excellent apps and games to catch up on.

The aforementioned “App Store Veterans” sub-section would be a very good place to start, if that’s the case. Many apps include Facetune, Retromatic, and GoodReader and seperately, Apple is also celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, highlighting a wide range of various accessibility apps organized into categories like “Vision,” “Hearing,” “Speaech,” and more.

Notably, the App Store secition doesn’t feature apps on sale, but it is a great way to find specialized apps. Promotions typically last for a full week, from Thursday to Thursday, so the 100 apps sale should last until next Thursday when the App Store is updated again. You probably OK to check it out over at iTunes here this weekend without too much worry that it will go away before Monday morning.

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