BitTorrent Client For Windows “Transmission” Finally Available To Download

About Transmission on Windows is one of the most popular and betterly used BitTorrent clients has officially made its way into Windows App Store. Now available to download Tansmission for Windows platform, which has proven itself to be not only the best used BitTorrent clients for that type of functionality, but also been one of the most dominent torrent installations of this type across the OS X and Linux platforms over the last ten years. Finally, the wait ends and after years and years of community outcry, the Transmission client is now available on the Microsoft’s Windows platform.

For the Mac, Transmission has done nothing rather than increase over the years on its popularity, later become the de-facto installation for those looking to download torrent files on that particular OS X platform. Transmission also finds itself as the stock BitTorrent cient on multiple distributions on the open-source Linux oprating system. Wonder why it actually taken this long for Transmission to make an official debut on what is essentially the world’s largest desktop platform.


Reason behind that is the lack of Windows support changed earlier this month when the Transmission download directory was updated with a Windows Build. Those getting excited regarding the new addition to the download directory can expect to receive an official BitTorrent client that looks and feels almost identical to the Transmission for Windows is near identical to the Mac and Ubuntu versions. Varying the location of various features and functions that the user can interact with as part of the download process. That too, if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

One important question raises on the availability of Transmision for Windows; why Windows and why now? Developer Mike Gelfand has been working as lead on the Windows project, and had noted with another developer in the Transmission team that the lack of Windows support was transmission’s “biggest missing feature“.

The decision to start developing a Windows BitTorrent version was further helped along by the fact that the Transmission team had then started receiving correspondence from community members who aere looking for an alternative torrent client to their existing one on Windows platform.

You, interested in giving it a whril, the Windows version of Transmission BitTorrent client can grab it as a free-of-charge download from here. Wait! Want to get the file named transmission-2.92-x64.msi or transmission-2.92-x86-msi depending on whether you’re running a 64-bit ultimate or 32-bit enterprise version of Windows.

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