BitTorrent’s P2P Secure Messaging App Bleep Now Available For Android, iOS, Adds “Wisper” Feature [Download Links]

BitTorrent client has been upadted and officially launched an encrypted P2P Chat app called Bleep. Download links for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac Computers are available on all of its App Stores. Bleep, is a secured Messaging app brings with it a Snapchat-like “whisper” feature to its P2P app to provide you the most secured messaging service. More details on how to get it on your mobile phones, and desktop PCs and where to download it can be grabbed right after this fold.

You can now download Bleep directly from the link here: Formally known as BitTorrent Chat, which was first released in private alpha in July that too only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktops, and later rolled out as public alpha in September with apps for Android and OS X Mac. Updated numerous times since then, and today’s release brings Bleep to iOS for the fist time, and removes the alpha tag on all platforms.

Additionally, Bleep app for iPhone has added a new transitory tweak, which allows users to communicate without requiring any contact number, email or even username by using company’s P2P technology, it can be enabled and activated. It also doesn’t store personal data or chat logs anywhere except on your own local device, that is why its called to be a secured messaging app, and using Bleep, your personal data is safe enough.

Now talking about the best features that BitTorrent includes in Bleep chat app. Added a new whisper function for both mobile and desktop. In short, whisper lets you send ephermeral messages through Bleep app for iOS and Android; just by tapping “Go to Whisper” to ensure both text and pictures disappear from devices after they’ve been viewed (after 25 seconds). BitTorrent also promises end-to-end encryption with keys saved locally on users’ devices.

While the experience is slightly different on the desktop PCs: Hold Shift while hitting send. “You can switch back and forth between normal and whisper messages eventually, so you don’t lose the flow of your conversation.”

Farid Fadaie, the head of product for BitTorrent Bleep said, “We keep messages and the encryption keys for images stored on your local device, not the cloud. For messages and metadata, there is no server for hackers to target and because you hold the keys, images can’t be leaked to haunt you later. We’ve solved server-less peer-to-peer messaging, including the ability to get offline friends your messages when they come back online.”

Whisper messages also have an additional protection for screenshots. When reading Bleep messages from a contact, their username is blocked out. For example, if a friend manages to capture the screen, they won’t be able to capture who said what, since nicknames are blocked. Users will need to press an eye icon that in turn blurs the entire message history, admiting that it is impossible to tell who has sent. Messages are not only stored locally, they are quickly deleted after they are viewed.

Top 5 Best Bleep Chat Features Are Here From BitTorrent


  • No Personal Info Required: To get started with Bleep, all that is required is choosing a nickname. You can share your Bleep key wherever you like, and no one will have any of your other details. Optionally, you can verify your email addresses and mobile numbers with Bleep, which will let your friends discover you through Bleep when they open an account.
  • In Your Hands, Instead of the Cloud: Messages and the encryption keys for images are stored on your local device, not the cloud. For messages and metadata, there is no server for hackers to target, and because you hold the keys, images can’t be leaked to haunt you later. BitTorrent claims it has “solved” serverless peer-to-peer messaging.
  • Adding friends is easy: Invite friends via your device’s address book, their email address, mobile number, or Bleep key. In situations where you want to add a friend in person, you can scan/share a Bleep code.
  • Free Voice Calls: Start a Bleep-to-Bleep call with any online contact by tapping the phone icon at the top of your text conversation. Calls are connected directly (with a cloud service) with end-to-end encryption.
  • Cross-platform: The mobile apps work over cellular or Wi-Fi connections, while the desktop apps have essentially feature parity except that they can’t yet send images (only receive them). Each device you own is registered with Bleep separately, but you can add your friends to each device to stay in touch.

For now, BitTorrent Bleep is still very much aimed at consumers. It will have to succeed there before any other plans can come to fruition. No idea on when the “whisper” feature will come to Bleep’s Android app.

(Download Bleep for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS From Here)

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