cCloud TV Streams Live TV For Free, Now Plans To Add Cloud DVR To Its Pirate Service

It’s the cCloud TV, the service launched late last month and offered users free TV channels streaming such as HBO, ESPN, Showtime, TBS, AMC, Comedy Central, TNT, FX and more without paying. After a brief legal notice made cCloud TV offline, and now following that, confirmed that how the service works and to discuss some existing new features coming down the freeway.

Free streaming service called cCloud TV plans cloud DVR streaming and more in its future agenda. Pirate television service that has already made the Internet buzzing in just few weeks and according to the developers behind the scene, now clarifies something new is on its way free. But apparently let users stream live broadcast television channels for free to any computer, iPhone, Android phone or tablet. Several video game consoles, set-top boxes and other devices are supported as well.

Voilation beside, as the cCloud TV streaming all the pay TV channels that are being watched for free of charge, and there are several legal issues that have already caused some troubleshooting for the team that built the service. cCloud TV went offline last week after GitHub, where the streaming service was hosted, received DMCA notification charging copyright infrigment. Later it brought the service at a new address. Finally, gone live and as per the TV service creators, cCloud TV will remain online, just after this following clarification made by GitHUb explaining how the service will work.

However, cCloud TV doesn’t host any pirated content, instaed the service points to publickly available video streams hosted elsewhere on the Web. So far we have got nothing regarding how the explanation satisfies the companies that own the content cCloud TV helps people stream for free, and here’s what the cCloud TV disclaimer says.

It although streaming 40 channels in late May to nearly 100 at the time of writing and all the channels available through the cCloud TV official site, which constantly changes as feed go down and new feeda are added. Finally, the service’s developers have confirmed that they are working on a cloud-based DVR service that will let users schedule recordings and stream them back at any time.

You can now stream TV shows, videos and more through the latest version of cCloud TV 0.3 beta, which adds stability fixes and compatible with several additional devices. Go live using cCloud TV on your iPhone, Android right now.

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