Google Improving Chrome For Mac OS X Performance To Better Rival Apple’s Safari Usage

It looks like Google has began updating Chrome for OS X to address the common issue with battery drain on Mac systems, which the browser have received an incrimental update and some tweaks to improve battery life on the machine. Announced that the team has been working to rectify Chrome for OS X battery hog complaints by just improving the performance of the browser on Mac, especially where Safari appears to do better.


Google Chrome for Mac has received multiple under the hood improvements, should point to a faster performance and longer battery life while browsing, which on OS X, the browser for instance, now requires significantly less CPU usage when loading and search results page and various other websites.

Several other improvements have been for OS X browser, such as renders for background tabs eventually gets a lower priority and by redusing the processor strain when loading pages like Google Search results.

The other technical changes to Chrome for OS X are outlined as follows:

“The team has been working on addressing this; here are some cases that have recently been improved on trunk:

Before: Renderers for background tabs had the same priority as for foreground tabs.
Now: Renderers for background tabs get a lower priority, reducing idle wakeups on various perf test, in some cases by significant amounts (e.g. 50% on one test).

Before: On a Google search results page, using Safari’s user agent to get the same content that Safari would, Chrome incurs ~390 wakes over 30s and 0.3% CPU usage vs. Safari‚Äôs 120 wakes over 30s and 0.1% CPU usage.
Now: 66% reduction in both timer firings and CPU use. Chrome is now incurring ~120 wakes over 30s and 0.1% CPU use, on par with Safari.

Before: On, Chromium incurs ~1010 wakeups over 30s vs. Safari’s ~490 wakes.
Now: ~30% reduction in timer firings. Chrome is now incurring ~721 wakeups over 30s.

Before: On, Chromium incurs 768 wakups over 30s and consumes ~0.7% CPU vs. Safari’s 312 wakes over 30s and ~0.1% CPU.
Now: ~59% reduction in timer firings and ~70% reduction in CPU use. Chrome is now incurring ~316 wakeups over 30s, and 0.2% CPU use, on par with Safari at 312 wakes, and 0.1% CPU use.”

Google also said that they’re planning to roll out more tweaks in the upcoming future.

Note: Many of the Google’s browser changes will first appear in Chromium before going live on Chrome for OS X Macs.


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