Details Belongs To The New SwiftKey Neural Alpha Keyboard Download [Video]

Meet the world’s first SwiftKey smartphone keybaord powered by Neural Networks, which probably be at least a little bit marketing hype. SwiftKey is of course one of the most wanted Mobile phone keyboards system that has just announced the launch of a new one, which it have created that is very unique and the very foremost to use a network.

It’s the SwiftKey Neural Alpha keyboard, which is powered by the Neural Network and uses the artificial, allowing it to make more reasonable and smarter suggestions to predict and correct language as users type, developers says it officially.


The SwiftKey Neural Alpha is an Android-only keyboard still in beta stage. For now, it’s part of the company’s Greenhouse program, which it uses as a launchpad for new ideas that may find their way into the regular app. Worth checking out, but there are, as you’d expect, a few caveats to being on the cutting-edge of keyboard technology.


Most important is that this is one of the things that draws users to SwiftKey, with its ability to learn your typing style, then monitor your usage of the keyboard itself to improve suggestions. It does this by editing or adding to the language database that the n-gram model uses. SwiftKey Neuaral Alpha taps into a different type of database, and the capability of personalization isnm’t available in the alpha.

Joe Braidwood, Chief Marketing Officer at SwiftKey explaining the reason for relaesing Neural as a seperate app, which is relatively small 25MB download, but it requires more power than the current SwiftKey, using your phone’s GPU to run the math. Although, the neural model approaches predictions from a different angle. SwiftKey trained the network with millions of sample sentences, and now each word is represented by a piece of code.


This allows the SwiftKey Neural Alpha app to better understand sentences in a number of ways. Words that can be used in the same way share similar code. For example, “Meet” is marked as a similar to synonymous words like “met” and “connect”. It’s able to sequence together words as code to find more accurate suggestions. For sake, let’s take a look at the sentence fragment like “Meet you at the.” Using n-gram, SwiftKey typically looked as “at the” and served you three suggestions: “moment,” “end” and “same.” While using the SwiftKey Neural Alpha model, it looks as the sentence as a whole and services you “airport,” “hotel” and “office.”

The latest neural keyboard by SwiftKey is now available for smartphones running Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and above. You can download it through the link provided below.

Wanna Try It: Download SwiftKey Neural Alpha Keyboard from here.

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