Download: Angry Birds 2 For iOS, Android Now Available To Peril

After initially teasing the latest offering in the extremely popular franchise via its soacil media account, Rovio’s Angry Birds 2 is official now.  For iOS and Android, Angry Birds 2 has been released. Mobile owners may have seen a number of incarnations over the years for the gameplay, such as the Angry Birds “Star Wars spin-off” and the Transformers collaboration, but Angry Birds 2 is now available as a sequel to the biggest mobile game of all time, and promises to be “bigger, bladder and birdier“.

Finally, another Angry Birds game enters the party by joining itself with the list of its predecessor games – Angry Birds was since 2009, later added are Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Fight!, Angry Birds Stella, and today, the Angry Birds 2.

Rovio attempting to reinvent the world of mobile gaming once again by bringing yet another addictive, slingshot-physics based Angry Birds game to the relevant stores. 2, as you would expect from a gaming house like Rovio, the official Angry Birds sequel brings a huge emphasis on stunning aesthetics, challenging multi-stage levels, and an improvement in the intelligence of those pesky piggies who mange to cause the tempestuous birds so much trouble. Of course, it’s basically the original Angry Birds game, but on steroids.

Angry Birds, in addition to building on the gameplay and visual appeal of the original release, the sequel brings with it the ability to actually choose the type of bird that can flung at those naughty little pigs. Actually, what’s the difference between the first version of the game and Angry Birds 2 would be the abilities chosen by birds for your next shot, rather than being limited to what the game provides.

With new multi-stage levels, the AB 2 is also designed to test the gaming abilities of users. Stunning graphics are mixed with exotic plants, beautiful animations and plenty of hidden peril that will test gamers to the max. Mad Max 2?

Angry Birds 2 also introduces the ability to challenge players all across the world in the ‘Arena’ to a battle of bird flinging abilities. There are Facebook based tournaments that allow for the collection of feathers which can be then used to level-up the flock and advance even further. Big, bad boss piggies also there to tackle on the journey. Foremen Pig, Chief Pig, and King Pig will present plenty of peril through the game. How best are you and capable of overcoming all of the environment obstacles to defeat the boss piggies? Play now!


(Download: Angry Birds 2 for iPhone and iPad from App Store).
(Download: Angry Birds 2 for Android devices from Google Play).


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