Download: Best Camera App For iPhone Goes For Free Of Charge [Value $2.99]

It’s the Camera+. Now available to download at no charge, is my favorite all-in-one iPhone photo capturing app. For photography, this iOS app is highly recommended to anyone interested in gettiing the most out of their iPhone’s camera app.

Actually costs $2.99. Now downloadable for free, and gorgeously don app isn’t exactly an insta-purchase and went as freeware just once since its October 2013 App Store debut. Photography fans holding an iPhone, here’s the Camera+, which isn’t justfiable.

Although, there are other alternative iPhone photography apps available at no charge. But the Camera+ is one of those better apps in the market sitting on top of the list on iTunes App Store. Taptaptap, the developers behind Camera+, released the rree edition, so you don’t have to pay or bargain apps, response no longer applies. In addition, the team outlined several new feature coming to future releases.

The free edition of Camera+ comes with In-App Purchases for advanced shooting modes, allowing users of the free app to easily upgrade to the full Camera+ functionality, should they choose so. Which is one iOS-exclusive applicatin, currently has an astounding 14 million paid users, on Camera+.

New features of coming to the Camera+ 7. Additionally, into the free edition of Camera+, the paid app was bumped to version 7.0. With only a handy Macro button in the app’s Today widget within Notification Center and a bunch of nifty swiping, pinching and tapping geastures to improve your overall experience when you use the app, no other major changes found in the Camera+ 7, other than aforementioned.

Here’s Camera+ updates which are already being worked on, some of which will bring out the following enhancements:

  • Camera+ 7.1 — Peek and Poke gestures on new iPhones with 3D Display.
  • Camera+ 7.2 — the slow shutter functionality will be added.

Apart Camera+ 7.2, forthcoming 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 versions are amusingly code-named Leguminous Green Manure, Picasso Looked an Awful Lot Like Mr. Roper and Fume Hood, hinting at some of the upcoming enhancements developers have in store for you.

To get it. Camera+ Free requires an iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 8 or later, which is fully optimized for the 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which also offers an Apple Watch app with a remote shutter functionality.

Languages available with Camera+ are: localized in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. What next?

Download Camera+ Free in App Store right now. For paid version from here.

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