Download Evernote For iOS 9 Updated With Support For 3D Touch, To Rival Notes App

The two new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch display are here although running on iOS 9 and just received another iOS 9.0.1 IPSW recently. Brand new iPhones allow for a new set of multitouch gestures that elimnates extra taps and clicks, and at the sametime allow app developers access the features you want faster and easier. Now that a new updated version of Evernote for iOS app has been released that too comes with support for 3D Touch, letting users explore all the perks, pops, and presses. the download links for this new Evernote app is embedded below.

To rival iOS 9’s Note app, Evernote’s new application is launched. Apple’s native note-taking app catches up to those feature-filled competitors from third-parties and if you don’t need a cross-platform solution, Notes might just become you go-to organizer.

iOS 9 brings your notes to live, and with the most obvious change is when you start to add text is formating. You can seamlessly adjust font sizxe by selecting title, heading, or body that you don’t have a range of font point sizes to choose from. Bold, italicize, underline and all new options. You can indeed make lists pretty much useful with bulletpoints, dashes, and a number formating and can also turn a task into an item to be checked off with just a tap. Point to be noted, the entire notes can be turned into checklists, or you can make specific sections of your text into to-dos to be checked off.

The better list of Notes app in iOS 9 includes Sketches and Photos, Share Sheet, iCloud sync and more to explore. Versus Evernote for iOS 9 on the other hand has been upgraded to version 7.8 app. You will have to simply give a tap on the Evernote icon and deep press to open the Quick Actions menu, and show you shortcuts to create a new text note, take a photo, or set reminder.

Interesting feature upgrade Evernote for iOS 9 brings to live is to take a quick glance at a note or chat without opening it, where you will only need to press lightly on the note to peek at it without leaving the home screen. Tapping on it once again, you will be able to open it or return back to the list. When you press lightly on a note link in a chat, same thing happens here as well. If you are having a web link in a note, you will get a preview of the page before you click it and open in a browser. By tapping on a link opens it within Evernote, instead it doesn’t switch between it and browser.

Evernote for iOS 9 will now onwards let users search for notes without requiring it to open the app entirely. There’s a Spotlight Search, which should be opened by swiping down on the home screen and type what you are looking for and then type anything which you’re searching for. It also brings with it a matching note title, Evernote for iOS 9 will appear among the results. Soon, Evernote will be updating its iOS app with more significant updates, as it says to the iTunes App Store.

What’s New in Version 7.8

New for iOS 9:

• Spotlight Search for personal notes
• Open linked websites without leaving Evernote with the new Safari View Controller

New 3D Touch features for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus:

• Quick Actions from the iPhone Home screen: New Note, Take Photo, and Set Reminder
• Peek into linked websites with a light press, then press a little deeper to Pop into the site
• Peek into notes and Work Chats from the Evernote home screen

(Download: Evernote for iOS 9 With 3D Touch For Free)

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