Download Google Keep For iOS: A Note Taking App Released For iPhone And iPad

Google has finally made its most popular note taking app ‘Keep’ available on iOS App Store for the first time, meaning iPhone and iPad owners can now get in on the Google Keep action a couple of years after it first launched on Android and Web.

Keep combines note taking, task management and journaling into one app and it’s similar to Evernote and Apple’s newly launched Notes app in iOS 9, with things like photos and images able to be saved within notes. Add in the usual text based input as well as voice recognition and a bundle of customization options for the notes themselves, and Keep on the other hand, has the potential to be a real force in the market. The addition of iOS app to Google Keep’s collection can only improve its cahnces as it makes it truly cross-platform.

Unlike these kinds of apps, Keep also features a realtime collaboration capabilities for those working in teams, and the Google iOS app also takes advantage to keep the location based reminders all the way around.


Main features of Google Keep from its own app description on the App Store reads:

Find what you need, quickly by searching and filtering your notes by color and type like images, audio and text. You can also add labels to help you organize your thoughts

Set time or location-based reminders so you won’t forget to swing by the dry cleaners or miss an item on your shopping list

Do more, together by sharing your notes so you can divvy up the packing list and watch as the items get checked off in real time.

Freeware to download, Keen is also available as a web-based solution as well as the oft-mentioned Android app. Now available to download from the App Store, Keep will sync data across all devices seamlessly.


You can download Google Keep for iOS on your iPhone or iPad from here.

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