HDHomeRun App For iOS Available Now To Download

You can now download the official HDHomeRun app for iPhone and iPad from the iOS App Store. Here are the additional details.

SiliconDust has randomly announced that its HDHomeRun was finally coming to the iOS App Store. Also raised excitement levels that it would be accepting beta requests to test out the platform. HDHomeRun is TV viewing on your terms. For your playback devices it’s an app that connects to your home network, gives access to Live TV.

HDHomeRun iOS main

It was expected that beta process to last at least a few weeks before the release switch was flicked. Early access is here, and the company is happy with where the app is and how it performs. The HDHomeRun app is now available to download for iPhone and iPad as a free-of-charge acquisition.

It’s a consumer-facing software for Apple’s iOS-powered hardware which lets users watch, pause, and even record TV. With HDHomeRun, anything can happen very easily and firmly.

For those that think this HDHomeRun could be a bullet to getting free television on their iPhone or iPad, it’s something simple as that. The app for iOS is essentially built to work in conjunction with the tuner box. This facilitates the watching of live television and all of the other features HDHomeRun app provides.

When the features and functionality is concerned, the HDHomeRun is quite as similar to the company’s other apps. Those have already been available on a number of different platforms. Live television through cable and over-the-air is possible with support for high-definition viewing.

There is also the added benefit of no external media player or software required with everything going through the single app, with the exception of channels which are flagged as DRM.

The app additionally contains a consolidated list of channels, a program progress bar, as well as program images. And also show cards, channel logos which all make it an enjoyable, media-rich experience. In order to get all of this functionality, an user needs a compatible HDHomeRun box. Stay within the network, and also have a device running iOS 10.3.3.

The HDHomeRun app doesn’t support iOS 11 yet, but it’s likely on the cards with official compatibility coming as soon as iOS 11 finally released to the public this fall.

(Download: HDHomeRun for iPhone and iPad from App Store)

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