HDHomeRun iOS App Beta Announced, Streams Live TV To Your iPad

You can now sign up to download HDHomeRun iOS app beta for both iPhone and iPad. Here are the additional details.

HDHomeRun is purely a network-based digital television tuner box, it gives the ability to watch, discover new HD content available in your region – all around your home. It also includes the ability to record that content, then you have likely heard of or used the excellent HDHomeRun DVR box was its existing app.

The app has had an enthusiastic and overall positive set of feedback on other platforms, which has apparently now driven SiliconDust to finally go through the process of creating a dedicated iOS HDHomeRun app for iPhone and iPad.

HDHomeRun Beta For iOS Sign Up

For those having a relevant HDHomeRun box, SiliconDust has offered a corresponding app for a variety of platforms, including Windows 10, Android, legacy versions of Windows, Mac, Xbox One and Linux. Basically speaking, there are lot of other platforms also supported, except those using an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad.

iOS users had to use third-party apps like Channels to make sure of HDHomeRun hardware. Best to watch HD television shows or streaming live TV on iPad, HDHomeRun is a very unique software. The company behind the box is now acting to rectify that by having a first-party iOS app for HDHomeRun in the middle of a public beta process.

Now that SiliconDust hasn’t provided any real information about the upcoming HDHomeRun iOS app apart from a single view of the icon running on an iPad. It has a little parity with what’s being offered for Android devices on the Play Store.

Users will have access to live television through cable or over-the-air services as well as support for HD viewing locally via WiFi on their iOS devices. All of the viewings will be done through the app itself and will likely come with intuitive user-interface which also shows which programs are currently on and what’s next on the viewing agenda.

HDHomeRunner iPad Live

If you want to get your hands on not only the initial beta of HDHomeRun iOS app but also the future end-product when it goes live? You are going to need to express your interest, at least.

Download HDHomeRun iOS Beta App

You can head on over to the official Facebook post here to get to grips with this, including all info that you need to sign up. It involves emailing SiliconDust’s support asking for TestFlight beta invite.

In order to qualify for beta, you will need to be running iPhone or iPad on iOS 10.3.3 with Apple’s TestFlight app installed. Unfortunately, iOS 11 is not supported as yet, as it’s still in pre-release state.

There’s no official date for the general release of the HDHomeRun iOS app yet, but the fact is that it’s in beta means that it’s likely to be in the short-term.

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