Download: iOS 9 Screen Recorder App For iPhone, iPad With No Jailbreak Required

Apple device owners have although spent $1.1 Billion on its App Store during the holiday season, as reports comes officially from the company itself. iPhone and iPad consumers now flooded the App Store as soon as knowing the an app that shouldn’t have made in past the App Store review process, has somehow managed to settle at a spot on the store. Best part here is that it has slipped into iOS realm and considering the type of app landed, we can be sure that won’t be much different for consumer this time around. Hailed by the developers as saying “the ultimate solution to capturing your screen”, Vidyo! by Innovative Developers Ltd is available now on the App Store, but only for limited timescape.

Vidyo! is all set to offer numerous functions that most consumers would dearly want to grab onto. Screen recording is one of the functionality that Apple just doesn’t approve of if any app of its App Store, beyond its own developer terms and conditions. View like Apple, then it sees an application that should only be able to function from within its own confines.

This is an essential app that calls itself Vidyo! allows users to capture their entire screen, side way all audio being played on the device. It offers an additional function over its primary one, which specifically allows existing videos to be imported directly from the device’ Camera Roll and later have an audio commentary recorded over it using voice annotation, as long as required background previleges are provided to the device’s microphone. Users, however will be able to take multiple video files – if they be purposely recorded wiyhin Vidyo! or imported from the device and mix them all onto one single file directly with the app without the need of a computer (Windows, Linux or Mac). Screen capture, audio capture, in-app video and audio editing, all can be equalized, which you want on a non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

The real-time power of Vidyo! is that, it comes from the fact that you can actually record the screen at any time no matter what application you’re in. Options, still there for activity recording from any source on the device as well. Be the front or rear camera, or audio from the device’s speakers or microphone input. Asking price for the functionality alone worth $4.99 before you even take into consideration the trimming and editing functionality. Right now! Grab it before Apple realizes it slipped up, and pulls it from the App Store.

(Download: Vidyo! for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the iOS App Store)

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