Download: Nintendo Switch Online Apps For iOS and Android Released

The Nintendo Switch Online app which is now available to download for iOS and Android is designed to help enhance your online gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch. Here are the details.

You can now download the official Nintendo Switch Online app for both iPhone and Android-powered devices for free. Nintendo is on a roll at the moment. All new fans on an almost continual basis gaining since the release of a wonderful Nintendo Switch. There was also the introduction of the Nintendo Switch Online service as an enhancement for those playing compatible Switch games. Now, as part of the next level, stage of expansion, Nintendo has made the Nintendo Switch Online experience available as a mobile application for iOS and Android users.

The submission and availability of the native Nintendo Switch Online app comes at a time when Nintendo is planning for the launch of Splatoon 2, which actually is currently the only game which will originally support that particular service. Compatibility between Switch Online and Splatoon 2 will allow gamers to start voice chat conversations with friends, send invitations to those who they want to participate and challenge in online game events, create unique multiplayer teams, and even access SplatNet 2 with minimal effort.

Notably, the Nintendo Switch Online will effortlessly handles voice chat, game invites, and various other feature for games that support the app. For instance, it has its own ranking and information service called SplatNet 2.

Splatoon 2 won’t be released until Friday, and till then there isn’t really much you can do with the Nintendo Switch Online app; it’s launched a few days earlier than expected. For those wo aren’t particularly au fait with the Switch, or indeed the Platoon 2 game, SplatNet 2 is an accompanying service which has been put in place to work specifically alongside Splatoon 2.

As a companion service, it allows the viewing of statistics like global rankings and individual match results. There’s also features for built-in private match invitations, league battles, and even social media integration which does a great job of splattering the game all over the Internet web.

Switch owners may only have semi-immediate access to Nintendo Switch Online with one Splatoon 2 game, but rest assured that more are coming. The feature will also be extremely dynamic and will function in different ways depending on the gameplay that’s utilizing it and how it is been built to best exploit the system.

With an immediate roll out of the Nintendo Switch Online service, which is offered free for the rest of the year, until the large scale roll out in 2018. Nintendo will charge $19.99 yearly from then as a fee that will also give you access to an as-yet unspecified library of classic Nintendo games. This will also coincide with more games being available. When that happens users will be invited to enter into a subscription model for the service, charged $3.99 each month for those who prefer a smaller commitment.

(Download: Nintendo Switch Online for iPhone and iPad form the App Store)
(Download: Nintendo Switch Online for Android from Google Play)

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