‘Netflix For Pirates’ Now Stream Movies Directly To Your Web Browser, Here’s How?

It’s an Popcorn Time app released earlier this year which caused all the damage, wheraes downloading stolen movies with torrent applications had previously been something that “mainstream” users stay away from. But this “Netflix for Pirates” app made grabbing copyrighted videos and TV shows as easy as streaming movies on Netflix. App that provided a beautiful interface that amend the multi-step, multi-app torrenting process and mixed everything into one simple application.


Created by Popcorn Time, thanks to the new project process which has been further simplified and doesn’t require to install an app anymore.

Local Web apps on desktop platforms have already taken a back seat in recent years. Rather than cluttering up a PC or Mac, where people often prefer to simply bookmark a website that can accomplish nearly the same thing. For Popcorn Time app it really became true which is exactly legal considering it facilities theft.

Entering the browser app of Popcorn Time, you will be offered an experience similar to its original but exists solely in a web browser. Browser Popcorn is a simple website that lays out available movies and lists shows in an interface akin to Popcorn Time, which is certainly is modeled after Netflix.

Gone all the way around seraching and using dedicated bittorrent serach sites to find files, then here’s a seperate client to download them, and then yet another app to watch movies online. With Browser Popcorn, you have to simply select the title and it will start streaming directly to your browser.

Users have a choice to drill down by categoories such as drama, action, thriller and sci-fi. The site lists its most popular titles directly on the homepage and also given a search mechanism, which of course allow users to search for a specific movie titles, for instance.

(Download Browser Popocorn For Windows) – Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Linux or OS X systems.

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